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Two elk wading in a shallow lake.

Braintan Deer Hides, Classes, Articles, and Raw Skins

Fleshing deer hides. Hide Tanning DVD: Stone Age Living Skills Video Classics Series.

      Have you ever wanted to tan your own hide? There are many different methods to braintan a deer hide - or at least many variations on the same basic process. For example, the hair can be removed by a wet-scrape or dry-scrape process, and the hide can be softened by hand-pulling or by racking and staking. These methoods are all covered in the videos The Tanning Spirit and The Ancient Art of Tanning Buckskin, both included on Disc Two: Hide Tanning, in the Stone Age Video Classics Series on DVD. Other common variations include methods such as fresh-scraping a hide, bucking the hides with substances like Potassium Hydroxide (KOH), or pre-smoking the hide at some point before or duing the softening process. Anyone who tans hidess long enough will develop their own unique twist on the process, and develop a preference for certain types and styles of tools.

      Melvin Beattie, featured in The Tanning Spirit, was one of a handful of people who helped recover the nearly lost art of braintanning hides. Working largely through trial and error over many years, he developed an all natural wet-scrape process that doesn't require chemicals like KOH, which can potentially weaken the final product.

            Do you want to tan a deer hide or order finished braintan buckskin? Check out the links below for articles, videos, and sources of raw and finished deer hides.

Deer face used as a mask.

Sources for Braintanned Deer Hides
-Melvin Beattie
-Wild Pathway Buckskin on Etsy
-Trapline Lodges
-Circle S Leather
-Braintan Buffalo Robes and More
-Traditional Tanners
-Rocky Mountain Braintan

Possible Source for Raw Deer Skins for Tanning
-Melvin Beattie (Montana)
-Trapline Lodges (Montana)

Braintanning Classes
-Green University® LLC Hunter-Gatherer Internship
-Directory of Primitive Skills Gatherings
(Braintanning is taught at most gatherings.)
-Wilderness Survival & Primitive Living Schools of North America
(Most of these schools offer tanning classes.)
-Schools of Europe, Australia & New Zealand
(Many of these schools offer tanning classes.)

Articles about Braintanning Deer Hides
-The 3 Most Important Steps Before Brain Tanning
-How To Brain Tan by Robert Retallick
-Fresh-Scrape Braintan Buckskin Tutorial by Patrick Farneman
-Brain Tanning Hides
-Brain tanning a Deer Hide by Xavier de la Foret
-Making Buckskin by PaleoPunk
-Use Your Brains: Tan Your Hides

Books and Videos about Braintanning Deer Hides

Fleshing and Scraping Tools for Hide Tanning

More Videos about Braintanning Deer Hides

Want to make your own buckskin clothing?
Learn to tan hides, sew buckskin, and design your own clothing!
Check out the Hunter-Gatherer Immersion Program at Green University® LLC.

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