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Three moose standing together.

Braintan Moose Hides, Classes, Articles, and Raw Skins

Moose hide trampoline toss.

      Braintanned moose skins are luxiously thick and durable for special projects like making moccasins. Braintanning a moose is not a project for beginning tanners. Leaarn how to braintan a deer hide before attempting to tan a larger animal like an elk or moose.

      Tanning a moose hide with the hair off follows a similar process as tanning a deer hide, but on a bigger scale. Softening a deer hide, for example, is often accomplished by two or more people stretching the hide between them, after it has been brained. A moose hide, however, is big enough that an entire group of people can pull the edges and stretch the hide. But it doesn't have to be all work. Native peoples traditionally turned this task into a tribal play day, tossing children into the air on the hide as part of the stretching process, as shown here with a group of junior high students.

      Note that tanning a moose hide with the hair on is a different process, more like braintanning a buffalo robe.

A roadkill moose calf in a wheelbarrow.       Do you want to tan a moose hide or order a finished hide? Check out the links below for articles, videos, and sources for finished moose hides.

Sources for Braintanned Moose Hides
-Native Made Smoked Moose Hide Leather
-Braintanned Deer, Elk, Moose, and Buffalo
-Traditional Tanners
-Rocky Mountain Braintan

Moose Tanning Classes
- Northern Life Museum & Cultural Centre (Northwest Territory, Canada)

Articles about Braintanning Moose Hides
-Moose Hide Tanning the Old Fashioned Way
-Brain Tanning Elk, Moose and other BIG Hides by Billy Metcalf

Videos about Tanning Moose Hides

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